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Employees’ needs fall on deaf ears

Research has revealed that employers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia continue
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Highest ever work-life balance priority

The latest Randstad Employer Brand Research has revealed that employees in Singapore,
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Flexibility is key to work-life balance

61% of business professionals around the world report that the need to
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Work-Life Balance in Hong Kong deteriorating

Despite the news that work-life balance satisfaction has barely changed over the
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Half of UK employees unhappy with work-life balance

Working long hours on the job is nothing new—but it seems that
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Employers ruining staff holidays

Three quarters of Hong Kong employers expect workers to be available outside
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Keep office zombies at bay

Flexible work schedules may be HR’s key to helping staff avoid suffering from
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Pay less important for staff engagement

In terms of global employee engagement: career advancement, performance rewards and organisational
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Success through a healthier workforce

The connection between health and job performance is widely known, and many
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Redefining HR processes

HR is currently in the midst of a transitional process—demanding an increased
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