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Job-seekers in APAC respond more positively to human touch

New research from Randstad has suggested that job seekers respond more positively
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Hong Kong women work despite pain each month

As many as 76% of women in Hong Kong say they have
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Hiring processes of fewer than six weeks preferred by candidates

Recent research by Randstad has suggested that 92% of job seekers in
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Disruptive entrepreneurs out-hire large corporates

Entrepreneurs are more than twice as likely to be hiring new staff
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Flexible working catalyst for profits, productivity and morale

More than half of companies worldwide said their profits have increased, and
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Challenges for Boardrooms — Regulatory Climate, Attracting Top Talent, and Cybersecurity

What 4000+ corporate directors think about the economy, risk, board strengths and
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Half of multinationals don’t plan for pandemics

Half of multinationals have no plan in place for dealing with a
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Deloitte slams HR

HR departments have been exposed as lacking the skills needed to meet
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APAC salaries on the rise

Salaries across APAC are set to have risen an average 6.9% by
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Spotlight on: tomorrow’s workforce

Being a doctor is still the most popular career choice for Hong
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