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Hong Kong Businesses say skills shortage is stifling productivity and revenue

Hong Kong’s banks and financial services companies are facing increasing competition from
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Flexible working catalyst for profits, productivity and morale

More than half of companies worldwide said their profits have increased, and
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How healthy are sit-stand desks?

Sitting slumped at your desk combined with high levels of physical inactivity
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Remote working is the new norm

Fourth-fifths of firms in Hong Kong are shifting their productivity focus from
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Thinking inside the box revolutionises productivity

While the working world is rapidly adopting cloud-based services, such as Google
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Wages drop by more than $120,000 after institutional buyouts

After a four year period, workers’ annual salaries will be roughly £10,000
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How HR can solve the world’s toughest problems

With climate change, youth unemployment and the increasing disparity between the rich
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SSO Malaysia 2014

This year’s Shared Services and Outsourcing Malaysia Summit brought together industry professionals
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Deloitte slams HR

HR departments have been exposed as lacking the skills needed to meet
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Keep office zombies at bay

Flexible work schedules may be HR’s key to helping staff avoid suffering from
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