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About CCL

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) offers what no one else can: an exclusive focus on leadership education and research and unparalleled expertise in solving the leadership challenges of individuals and organizations everywhere. We equip clients around the world with the skills and insight to achieve more than they thought possible through creative leadership.

What is creative leadership? It's the capacity to think and act beyond the boundaries that limit our effectiveness. Every leader and organization faces obstacles that are difficult to surmount - from corporate executives confronting the complex global marketplace to educators trying to lift student achievement to nonprofit groups and government agencies addressing critical social issues with tight budgets.

CCL believes that solutions to these challenges exist — and for over 40 years we have helped clients unlock them through creative leadership. We believe leaders are made, not born, and that they can adapt and change. We believe that strong interpersonal skills, grounded in personal reflection and self-awareness, are the key to effective leadership.


We believe in putting our clients first. Our nonprofit heritage and educational mission give us unusual flexibility in a world where profit motives often drive or confine thinking. We have the freedom to be objective, wary of short-term trends and motivated foremost by our mission - to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide. We have the freedom to focus on your success.


To fully realize our mission, the Center will create new knowledge that advances our field and that positively transforms the way leaders, their organizations and their societies confront the most difficult challenges of the 21st century. These imperatives require that the Center become the preeminent global institution for leadership development and research.

To enact this vision, by 2010 we will grow in new ways and maximize the value of our unique assets. We will:

  • Explore and define new approaches to leadership through our research and, based on these lessons, innovate our portfolio of programs, products and services;
  • Expand our offerings in Europe, Asia and North America, while relying increasingly on partnerships, on-site engagements with leaders, e-learning and technology to extend our presence;
  • Invest in the skills and resources required to meet the demands of this vision, including integrated systems and processes that spur the development of new ideas and speed the exchange of knowledge.

Together, these efforts will allow us to attract the most accomplished faculty and staff and secure our position as the world's preferred resource on the understanding, practice and development of leadership.

CCL's Statement on Global Responsibility

CCL believes global responsibility is important to carry out our mission in a globally responsible manner.

We believe in:

  • Creating new knowledge - we advance our field and positively transform the way leaders, their organizations and their societies confront the most difficult challenges of the 21st century.
  • Being a great place to work - we develop our people's capability and talent, recognizing the power of their ideas and aspirations; we promote an environment of diversity, fairness, support and continuous learning.
  • Supporting local and global communities - we have a genuine concern for the welfare of 'communities' we touch through our work. We help communities in need through scholarships, volunteerism, donations, pro-bono work and sharing of our talent, services and materials.
  • Managing our operations responsibly - we have good governance and risk management; we conduct our work with the high standards of quality and integrity; and we work with our suppliers, clients and operations to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • Engaging our stakeholders - we listen to and regularly connect with our stakeholders, working to address shared issues of concern.
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