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HR Technology

Staying ahead of the tech curve

Stefan Reis, CHRO, SAP explains why HR must grab technology by the horns to engage and retain the best talent ...
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C-3PO, the world first

Automation: C-3PO took my job!

Break neck speed advances in technology are having an impact on those in IT. 62% of technology professionals in APAC ...
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Getting HR into the fast lane

Cutting down time-consuming processes to help HR deliver accurate results quickly HR knows all too well that managing headcount is ...
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Innovation to navigate recruitment minefields

Recruitment has long involved picking up the telephone, networking outside for candidates and screening the hundreds of CVs that pass recruiters’ desks every ...
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Employees—greatest cyber security risk

Employees are the lifeblood of an organisation, technology helps facilitate ways in which they can work at their optimum. But is this always ...
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IT hiring and pay to rise globally

Despite a global economic slowdown, especially due to slower growth in emerging markets, the technology industry continues its rapid pace ...
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AwardYourTeam web programme released

Inadequate recognition for contributions is a leading cause of voluntary employee turnover, which means that effective employee recognition is key ...
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Start-ups and ‘work 4.0’ storm HRM Expo

Over 15,000 delegates and 650 exhibitors flocked to Europe’s annual HRM Expo in September, which came amongst the backdrop of ...
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Windows 10 launches with new tools for office

Microsoft’s latest brainchild hit the shelves last week, which means that employees and employers get some new office toys to play ...
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