Science of the art of coaching

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Skills revolution shall forge the new HR

Structural changes within organisations and the entire economy, like aging demographics and
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Game on HR—Gamification in HR’s power tool kit

Gamification has gained a lot of traction recently as a way to
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HR adapts to the GIG economy

HR is acutely aware of the radical changes that the employment model
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HR’s D&I struggle

HR faces many challenges, some of which cause a great deal of
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Breakfast of HR Champions

Thought leadership series: hiring risks in Asia Our meeting of HR champions
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Gotta recruit ‘em all: Top 7 HR Lessons from Pokémon Go

Words: OrangeHRM Pokémon Go is changing the world we live in. It's
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HR vs. PR

Many in HR have been left scratching their heads about how exactly
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HR 4.0: blueprint for HR’s future

What if you woke up tomorrow and you could not make any money
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HR clean up

Identifying risks, ensuring compliance—and HR's role Corruption poses a major challenge for
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Big HR vs. Small HR: who’s leading who in HR?

Can start-up HR provide a radical new HR strategy? Start-ups are taking
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