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How Companies Can Establish a Resilient Culture to Drive Performance & Innovation

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Date(s) - 17/11/2017
2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre


Today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) business and social environment has placed significant stress on both management and employees. People at all levels are worried about not living up to their responsibilities, as we are bombarded with different new demands, expectations and reforms within and outside of organizations. To cope with all these challenges, developing people’s Emotional Intelligence has been more important than ever. Leaders need to cultivate a resilient culture in their organizations so that employees can effectively handle changes, overcome stress and achieve ambitious goals.

After conducting EQi-2.0 assessments for over one hundred professionals & managers and various EQ development programmes in Hong Kong, the speakers will present in this seminar the importance and means of developing a resilient culture. Below topics will be covered:
• From a neuroscience perspective, how emotional stress affects work performance and innovation
• Hong Kong’s EQ Data Analysis: Strengths and weaknesses of local leaders, especially in stress management
• Case studies and insights to improve EQ and resilience for leaders and organizations

Andrew Ma, PhD, Founder & Executive Director, Chorev Consulting International Ltd

Dr Ma is a renowned leadership trainer, researcher and coach. He has extensive global management experience in diverse disciplines, including marketing, business development, strategic & product management, system engineering, consultancy and training. He completed his PhD in Global Leadership in 2014, focusing on cross-cultural and cross-generational leadership. He is an accredited practitioner of the Pro-D, Ucipher, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® Step 1 & 2, John Maxwell 360, LEA 360, Miller Heiman Strategic Selling & Conceptual Selling. Dr Ma is one of the handful certified trainers for The Potential Project CBMT (Corporate Based Mindfulness Training) programme in Hong Kong.

Kenneth Cheung, Leadership Consultant, Chorev Consulting International Ltd
Kenneth is a leadership trainer and ICF certified performance coach. His aspiration is to equip and empower professionals and leaders to maximize their potentials, in alignment with their values, personality, passion and talents. Prior to becoming a leadership consultant, Kenneth was the former Hong Kong office head of an international NGO, which specializes in providing educational, training and consulting services to local NGOs around the world. In the past 6 years, Kenneth has offered over one hundred training talks, workshops and programmes covering various topics on interpersonal communications, Emotional Intelligence, personality, cross-generational leadership, teamwork and career planning. He has also provided individual coaching to professionals, managers and business owners of diverse industry backgrounds. Kenneth has special passion to develop the Millennials. He has 15 years of volunteer experience, acting as a life coach for university students and young adults, and giving support and advice to their personal and career development.


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