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Featuring internationally respected thought leaders from the human resources profession. HR Magazine is one of the most respected and well-recognised brands in the HR sector.

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  • Talent acquisition and retention strategies
  • Excelling at the interview process
  • Tools to help HR select the right candidates
  • Background screening
  • Effective onboarding programmes
  • Hiring/investing in & developing junior workforce
  • Creating powerful EVPs that attract graduate talent
  • Successful graduate recruitment strategies
  • Importance of employer brand in campus recruitment
  • Strategies to reduce turnover rate other than money
  • Talent management & retention strategies
  • Engaging middle managers in HR- selling HR benefits
  • Enhancing staff engagement with extremely low budgets during business downturns
  • Empowering talent through engagement
  • Succession planning
  • HR legal update - ensuring you remain compliant
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