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HR Magazine Conference - 14 July 2017 | Nightmare on L&D streetNightmare on L&D street

What the *beep* went wrong with L&D?

Featuring internationally respected thought leaders from the human resources profession. HR Magazine is one of the most respected and well-recognised brands in the HR sector.

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  • Changes to L&D over time
  • What the workforce of today wants out of L&D
  • How to effectively leverage eLearning programmes
  • Best L&D strategies
  • How to build & implement manager development programmes
  • Effective knowledge management
  • Selecting & leveraging LMS
  • Measuring & addressing employee training needs
  • 70-20-10 theory and engaging managers to pick up the 70%
  • Neuro-leadership
  • Psychological surveys & analysis to support HR
  • Measuring the human impact of L&D on employees
  • HR legal update - ensuring you remain compliant
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